From the edge of the Caspian Sea

     It may sound a bit more glamorous than it really is, but everyday now I sit at the kitchen table to eat bread, drink tea, and watch the wind blow in from the Caspian Sea.  Not all Peace Corps volunteers get this view, but I happen to be fortunate because my host family lives in a settlement on the shore.  I wouldn’t say it’s better than anyone elses (some people’s host families are pretty well off, I’ve heard), but I feel lucky.

I was given the best room in the apartment, which is on the top floor of a 5-story, soviet-style building.  My host mother and father are great, and around most of the time.  My host father is a geography teacher, and my host mother’s job seems to be to make sure I drink enough tea.  I don’t know if this will resonate with eveyrone, but my host father looks like Larry David’s dad on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  I will post pictures soon.

One thing that has made things easy for my adjustment to life in the Caucausus is that Peace Corps seems to be weening me into my new life as an volunteer.  First there was Philadelphia, then Quba, where we had a few days of orientation, and now, we are along the Sea, taking an intensive language coarse, and trying to get used to the stares of children.

I’m happy to be here, and haven’t missed home entirely too much.  I made a very specific decision to dedicate the next two years of my life to this pursuit, and I feel as though I made the right decision.  Ask me again when its snowing…


2 responses to “From the edge of the Caspian Sea

  1. Jeff,

    This is really awesome. I’ll be reading the posts.

  2. Candyce Reynolds

    Hi Jeff, I can’t wait to keep up on your adventures through this blog. Are you going to be teaching?

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