I hope this holds everyone over for a while until I can figure out a better way to upload photos.  I’m not sure how much of a write up there will be, but I did write a description for them all.  Either way, they’re real.

View from my kitchen


My Host Sister

Nur and her Mother

My School

Neighborhood Kids

Leaving Quba



My Language Class

2 responses to “Photos!

  1. Nice man. It’s all too reminiscent of the Dominican, which is interesting. The kitchen is what does it. Hope you’re finding some spiritual reprieve out there and learning the language. Peace

  2. i like very mucha your sister. ok i promise thats it for the borat jokes. amazing pictures, truely an adventure. i look forward to seeing you come back as a man, well at least less of a boy. Yaşasın Jeff, that means “may jeff live on” in azerbaijani, i think. i also found this one that might be good for your class “az danış!” that means “shut up” dont ask me how to say it. any ways take care and dont be safe, its more fun.

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