The business

As some may know, this blog is  titled 27 months, rather than two years because of the three months that peace corps has us do what is called ‘pre service training.’   There are three major components: Language, Culture, and Technical.

The language class (there’s a photo back there somewhere) is monday through saturday, for four hours a day.  it’s a bit exhausting.  Honestly, i’ve been floating through the class thus far, thinking either it will come to me or not, but in reality, i need to put some more work into it all.  This is my only chance to do this, and even though i will be forced to learn the language here, i can choose to do it with integrity or not.

I say the language will come to me, mostly because i’m doing the cultural training 24 hours a day.  Between the host family and the neighborhood kids that runup to me and shake my hand, i’m starting to figure this culture out a bit.  here’s one for ya:

 so the past couple days haven’t been the most pleasent for me because of a stomach bug thats been going around.  my host mom came in my room while i was lying on my couch.  she took a small blanket from my bed and wrapped it around he stomach and said ‘jeffrey, jeffrey.”  Apparently i needed to heat up my stomach.  cold is a big thing here.  if a woman sits on a cold stone, it might make her infertile.  it’s things like this that get me through the day.

as for technical training, we haven’t gotten into that yet, but we will be this week. i’ll post more as it comes up.

i’m out of time, and this keyboard is killing me.  sorry for the typos.

2 responses to “The business

  1. Hey Jeff – I’m over at Grammy’s and we’ve been looking at your pictures and catching up with your blog entries. Great shots, BTW. I had lunch with your mom, too, which was really fun. She seems in a really good place in all respects – except that her son is so far away! Grammy & Grampy are fine; Grammy and I are going blueberry picking up the Coquille river Friday. We’re looking forward to your adventures! Love, Marilyn


    Asiatic pitviper, Levantine viper, the horned desert viper, the long-nosed viper, the Russian viper, Orsini’s viper.

    Also beware of the lesser scorpion, which is very widespread in the Palearctic region. They typically prefer to dwell in cool, moist sites, such as under stones.

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