Coming Together

Again, I am at some internet ‘klub,’ and I don’t feel as though I have much time to write as I might need, but a small write-up is better than nothing.  The most recent news I have is that I spent the previous weekend with an actual PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer).  You might think that I am a volunteer myself, but in actuality, I am a lowly trainee.  After the three months of training I will swear-in, and then my T (Peace Corps Tranee, PCT) turns into a V.  Either way, I spent a weekend with a PCV and it instilled a new sense of purpose here in Azerbaijan.

First of all, I’d have to say that the training process drags on a bit.  We came in with a lot of enthusiasm, and doing the four-hour-a-day language class, with sessions afterwards about “games and visual aids.”  Needless to say, the airs been let out of our tires, so to speak.  I left to visit the PCV after three weeks of these classes, and I needed to get the hell out of my site (where i’m staying and studying).

It was great to see a successful, motivated volunteer who had lasted two years (he’ll be leaving in couple weeks).  It made the whole process seem real again, and more importantly, seem like something that I’ll be able to do.  I need to stay patient, focus on the summer classes we’ll be teaching next week, as well as the language, and hope for the best in these next five weeks, as they will be the last training I’ll recieve.  I might as well make the most of it.

But now, being friday, I need to take a breather and check out a beer or two with some trainees by a big cement statue of a dove.  They love cement here, and I hope to write about that soon (as well as photograph).

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