To Tide You Over

I updated my blogroll, which is a list of blogs.  You can find it on the side of this page.  The newly added links are from people in my Azerbaijan Peace Corps.  As my attention span dwindles in and out, I thought this might give a little bit of light reading to those wondering about Azerbaijan, and what goes on here.  Might be interesting to see how my experience compares…

 On another note, in one week I’ll out where I’ll spend the next two years.  I requested a specific place, mostly because I heard it was nice, but I doubt they will give it to me.  I’m really nervous about it.  I’ll rant once I find out.

Also, tomorrow will mark my one year anniversery of returning to the U.S. from Korea.  Can’t believe it took less than a year to get out again.  Actually, today, my host mom told me she bought some crappy toy from a Korean in the town we live in.  I’ll see if I can’t find them and prove to myself once and for all that I no longer spreak Korean.

It was 41C yesterday, see if you can do the math on how hot that really is.

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