Well I found out my site yesterday, and in all honesty, I couldn’t be more dissappointed.  I had made several requests for what type of site I wanted, and what environment I was looking for, and I feel that Peace Corps missed pretty badly on all accounts.  I feel as though I was the one who was left behind so that the ‘greater good’ could be appeased.  It’s really quite hard to believe, but then again, there’s nothing to be done about it.

Ujar is a pretty big town by Azeri standards, and is smack-dab in the middle of Azerbaijan.  Travelling to other volunteers in other towns should be easy.  I plan on doing quite a bit of it, as I can’t see anything that will be compelling enough to keep me in my town.  Despite being one of the most populated regions in Azerbaijan, it isn’t even in on the map of the country in the Lonely Planet guide.

 Then again, supposedly I will be working for a good school, and maybe my host family will be great, but I feel betrayed by the Peace Corps.  There have been several incidents where I have said “Fine, I’ll defer myself for the group,” hoping that I would get rewarded in the end, only to be disappointed one more time.

I suppose this could serve as a warning to all PC applicants,a nd probably trainees too.  Be forceful with what you want.  In the end, and one discovers this in the nomination process, it’s about what PC needs, not you.  Be mindful of that.

I know that was a big rant, but there isn’t much of an outlet for that over here, as everyone is pretty excited about where they are going.

I’ll be going there next week for a couple days.  Maybe it will be amazing.

3 responses to “Ujar

  1. Isn’t that the name of the town rapist in Borat?

  2. Jeff…well, you never know. Cool things happen when you least expect them, which isn’t to say that they will, but you never know. The other thing is that the reason there are two masques, one laughing and one crying, to indicate the traditional theater is because tragedy and comedy are the two sides of the same coin. So…if nothing else, someday this will make a great and very funny story. But in the meantime, be true to the reasons you went into PC in the first place and immerse yourself in the work. Then one of these days you’ll look up, two years will be over, and you’ll be sad to leave. You will go back 30 years later to see friends and your host family. But now it hardly seems possible. Hang in there.

    Unca B

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