More Photos – PAST DUE

Here’s some long overdue photos.  There are a few different categories that should be written up, but there are some pics of my old host mom and I, of some friends leaving for their sites, and of my new host family.  There aren’t that many but at least it’s something.  I’ll try to put more photos up as they happen, but I can’t make any promises.

Matt and Rach

Me and host mom


Narman, my host dad

Mom and Bro

Little Brother

3 responses to “More Photos – PAST DUE

  1. Jeff- That’s the first time I’ve seen you in a necktie- Looking good, man. Love, Mom

  2. Fun photos, Jeff. It’s great to have a visual on where you are and some of the people in your life. We all think about you so much and wonder what/how you’re doing each day. Had a nice visit with your mom the other day: I took Grammy out for a ride and we stopped down in Charleston at the park. Things seem good with her – she said she’d just mailed you some winter clothes. Grammy’s getting better!

  3. Jeff,
    I’m gonna go with your mom on the necktie approval. . . I think the first time I met you you were wearing a necktie. . . and a name tag. Am I remembering the costume right? I look forward to seeing more photos, even if it is when you finally come home.

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