My Address

It’s November.  Hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.  I’m about six weeks into my time as a volunteer.  Such a period of time has allowed me to actually do enough things to where I can analyze them and try to figure out if they were any good or not.  It’s somewhat worthless to say, but I’m giving my performance thus far a ‘mixed-bag’ review.  Without trying to toot my own horn, I think I’m far and away the most advanced English teacher at my school.  But this is no suprise.  I came into this school year with the idea that that would be the case.  The real challange, isn’t whether or not I can be better than the other teachers, but if I can be as good as I can be.

To remind myself of what I need to be doing, I’ve written up a workplan for November and December, and will post it on the blog so there can be an understanding of what it is that I’m doing.  I’ll do that soon.

And, as the holiday season approaches, I thought I’d include my address, as I’m sure everyone is just bursting at the seams to send me a lovely package with anything America in it.  I can’t give you the address of my actual house, but I will put that address of the local post office on here.  It’s annoying to describe the letters that you have to write, so I took a picture and have posted it here.

My Address

It takes about ten days for packages to arrive from Oregon.  Amazingly fast, really.

And in another side note, I’ll be going to my friends site this weekend to help her with America Day at her school.  I know it sounds imperialistic, but it’s all about Halloween.  I’ll be doing my best Clint Eastwood impression.

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