Approachng IST

On Christmas, I’ll be heading to Baku for our groups In-Service Training.  The original dates were supposed during this week, but it had to get pushed back for some Peace Corps reason.

Except for Thanksgiving, and other informal meetings of Peace Corps Volunteers over the past few months, this will be one of the few times that all of us will be together.  The obvious appeal of this is that we haven’t seen each other in this type of setting since Pre Service Training, where we were put into this type of group setting every week, if not everyday.  Then again, the downside, which might be better left unsaid, is that there is going to be a lot of schmoozing going.  An innocent mistake, but I’m not much of a schmoozer.

That aside, I’m really looking forward to the two days of meetings.  Honestly.  I just read an email from one of the Program Managers, and it said that one purpose of the training was to get “reenergized,” which I couldn’t agree with more.

I’m not sure how other volunteers here feel about this, but I think things have become a bit stagnent, which makes sense.  When we finished training, we were told that we were only getting enough information to get through the next six months, not the next two years.  We were ready to go into our communities, find contacts, introduce ourselves and our purposes, and look for projects that would be appropriate for our communities.  I feel like a lot of us have done that, and now we’re all sitting around, wondering “now what?”  Hopefully, our training will give us some answers.

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