Blogging in the Peace Corps

The number one rule in blogging is to write. If a blog isn’t frequently updated, people lose interest, and without interest, this becomes nothing more than a diary. A proper blog should be informative, which is what I hope this is. That being said, my circumstances have made it hard for me to update my blog as frequently as it should be.

I have an alternative, though. I’m going to be writing posts at home, but since there is not internet connection, I won’t be able to upload them right away. So, when I do get around to getting them online, there should be a couple posts to read. I hope that will suffice.

Also, on the ‘about’ page, there is a disclaimer that should be read. I thought I had written it already, but apparently not.

3 responses to “Blogging in the Peace Corps

  1. I’m enjoying your catch-up posts – and looking forward to the next installment in The World. Just got back from Coos Bay; had a nice chat with your mom on the phone – she’d just talked to you and was very stoked. Grammy & Grampy are fine.


  2. Jeff, I’m your mother’s cousin (Betsy Creedon) in Detroit. I guess that makes us second cousins. I really enjoyed your blog and the column in the paper. Your Mom sent me the link yesterday. I confess this is my first blogging experience. Your lesson plan is impressive. I’ll follow your adventures. Am sending the link to your second cousins once removed (???) my children Parry and Reid. All the best, Betsy

  3. The Fantasy Guru

    Michael Finley has been a man on fire of late, connecting for 20 and 22 points in each of his past two outings, respectively. Injuries to Manu Ginobili and Brent Barry have opened the door for the 13-year veteran, who has admiral-ly stepped in alongside Tim Duncan. Head coach Gregg Popovich has made it clear he will not rush anyone back into the lineup, making Finley the “Spur of the moment” in terms of fantasy stats.

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