the aftermath

My last post was about it snowing in Ujar, but i gotta write about how much it has stopped this place dead in its tracks.

 First of all, they ended up cancelling three days of classes because of it.  I didn’t think that would happen, because the issues of driving safely to school don’t exist here (almost everyone walks).  However, the issue of freezing-your-butt-off while sitting in class presented itself, and there were three nation-wide snow days.  There is no heat at school, so they decided to let the students ( and teachers) stay home until it passed.

It may have stopped snowing, but it’s still freezing cold.  Puddles are ice, and the snow remains in the shadows of buildings and trees.  The pipes have been frozen for the past week, so there has been no water (or showers) for quite some time.  Fortunately, i did laundry the night before it snowed.

Still, now that our classes are back on, I seriously doubt the classrooms are any warmer than they were last week.  Seeing the students bundled up, and shivering while sitting at their desks is a pretty sad sight.  But then again, we teachers are pretty damn cold, too, so most of the sympathy gets saved for me.

One response to “the aftermath

  1. Hey buddy, been doing much sledding ? it’s been snowing crazing amounts here too. Not sure if i have talked to you since i got back from Europe but im back in Portland. Sounds like your having a good time and doing some great work. Im just working at a law firm tring to figure out what to do with my life, Peace Corp still a very viable option. well take care, talk to ya later.

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