My House

They’re a few months old but here is a video, in two parts, of my house and yard. My hair has grown a bit, and the leaves have come in, but everything else is pretty much the same.

5 responses to “My House

  1. Yo Jeff:

    Grammy and I just watched your tour. Love the rat, but we want to see Chicken!! And we noticed the nutritional value in combining the red wine with the cookies! We’ll have to try that at Thanksgiving when you get back. But all together it was great to get a sense of where you are, to see you in action (greeting your neighbor in Azeri), and generally seeing the frog habitat in the backyard. They will eat the mosquitos, so don’t poison them no matter how annoying. Take care!!!!

    Unca Bobby

  2. My wife and I will be part of AZ6. I’m in YD and she is TEFL. We enjoyed the tour of your living space. Do you buket bath on the porch?

  3. Hi there- Thanks for posting the tour of your house. I’ve just been invited to Azerbaijan to leave in September and your video was a great help into seeing what life is like. I appreciate it!

  4. I did do some bucket baths on the porch, but only the essential places, if you know what i mean. I rigged up a little place to bathe in the yard so that the neighbors couldn’t see me. When it was colder, I’d go over to friends houses. Don’t worry though, only a handful of PCVs don’t have showers.

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