Just Stopping By

Dick Cheney was here in response to the Russia-Georgia conflict. He was pretty up front about that fact that he simply wants the energy coming out of this country. And i guess he’s offering westernization as a reward.

Here’s more

UPDATE: There’s a new article on Eurasianet about the visit now that it has been written in history for a week or two.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant, citing anonymous Azerbaijani government sources, reported that Cheney became “extremely irritated” during his September 3 stop in Baku when his Azerbaijani hosts declined to make a clear statement of support for the proposed Nabucco pipeline.

Here’s the link.  I’ve added the EurasiaNet website to the blogroll on the right side of the page.  I’ve found it to be a good news source for the region.


2 responses to “Just Stopping By

  1. I so much appreciate the way you make additions to your blog. How is the internet access for you now. Do you have dial up in your new home?


  2. there is a local organization that i go and hang out at. they let me use the internet in exchange for the novelty of my presense. as much as i’d like to get it at my house, i don’t see it happening. several volunteers do have it in their homes though.

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