I offered a guy some tea today and he told me that he was fasting.  While I thought about fasting myself (albeit for about 2 minutes) I decided that I wasn’t going to do it.  I thought it might be an interesting way to get in touch with the culture, but not eating from sunrise to sundown seemed like it would be too tough.

I remember Ramazan last year because it was going on when I first came to Ujar a year ago.  As I moved into my host family’s house and got settled in, my first experiences were marked by the feasts that would take place as the sun went down.  I vividly remember sitting in a small room filled with men and food, listening to a guy sing hymns from the Quran.  While it was novel, I also felt quite uncomfortable.  Now that I’m out of the host family, the Ramazan experience should largely pass me by without any affect.

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