A Case of the Tuesdays

It really is amazing how a place that gets so hot in the summer can be so cold in the winter. I guess coming from the coast of Oregon makes me a little ignorant when it comes to extreme temperatures.

What really makes the chilly weather noticeable today, a tuesday, is that I have no gas to heat my house. I feel like I’m essentially outside. I have a real hard time understanding how a country that is famous for producing natural gas and oil cuts off the gas to an entire city on tuesdays. It doesn’t make sense to me, at all.

In line with that, I’ve heard from a couple volunteers that their towns’ gas supply is in trouble. Rather than cutting a single house’s gas off, which is known to happen, an entire city can get cut off if there is a big enough bunch of the population isn’t staying up on their bill.

Maybe it’s a ploy to get people to bug their neighbors to pay their gas bill, but it seems silly to me.

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