Game Changer

Internet streaming radio.  Straight out of WYPR from B-more

Carl Kasell’s voice never sounded so sweet.

3 responses to “Game Changer

  1. Hey Jeff –
    You could also listen to Jefferson Public Radio and get the local weather and news for SW Oregon! It’s pretty cold & snowy here, too, but we pretty much get to have the heat on everyday – cold Tuesdays sounds like not so much fun. We’re thinking of you.
    Love, Marilyn & Jim

  2. Jeff:

    Getting caught up with your posts tonite. I can sort of relate to the cold/snow issue: we’ve just gone through a couple of weeks with 8-10 inches of snow here in Salem and more in Portland but really cold (for here) on top of it. At one point we had no power for about 24 hours and it was really inconvenient and not much fun (what a bunch of weenies we are!), except that our pipes didn’t freeze (thank goodness).

    I was just talking to Jules about what’s next for you. Seems like with this experience and your language skills that the Foreign Service might be a good fit. Obama is going to need good people out in the field, so to speak, to repair the damage done by 8 years of George Bush and his wrecking crew.

    Take care. Keep up the posts. They are terrific.

  3. hey guys. thanks for reading.

    i heard about the snow in portland. i told jules that i wished i was back at PSU so that classes cold get canceled.

    unca b: i’m not sure how i feel about the foreign service right now, but i’m looking forward to talking to you about it when i get back

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