8 months to go

I can’t decide if it’s a long time until I’m done here or if it’s no time at all.

What do you think?


4 responses to “8 months to go

  1. That’s almost long enough to have a baby….just sayin…

  2. did you write this from a library?

  3. time is so relative- to me 8 months is a blink of an eye. if you’re counting the days it may go by slowly, but if you’re busy and engaged: blink and those 27 months are a flash. love, mom

  4. I so enjoyed this post, Jeff – sounds like you had a great exchange with the kids. It’s heartening to know that we’re not totally scourged with them already. Good job.

    Not to hurry past these moments, but we are looking forward to seeing you again!


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