7 months to go

I’ve decided that I’m going to write one of these “X Months” posts as each month passes. In some ways it seems like I’m just watching the clock tick by, but these are serious chunks of time.

With seven months to go, I find myself swamped for the first time in a while. One of the things about Peace Corps, which I felt prepared for, is that there are quite a few chunks of time where there isn’t much to do. Now, all of the sudden, I’ve got deadlines all over the place, and I’m in panic mode to get all of this stuff done. All of this, of course, is a real pain, because by the first week of March, I’ll have turned all these grant proposals in, and I’ll be back to having a bunch of time on my hands.

It’s also different looking at these deadlines with such little time left. Last year, I always felt like if something didn’t work out, I could just do it during the second year of my service. This time around, there is a lot of pressure to get things done because this is going to be my last chance to do it. I’m not mortified by it, but I am worried that I’m going to go back to the States thinking I could have done more. Now is the time for me to roll up my sleeves and get some things done so that I won’t be worrying about that in seven months.

And, for those of you wondering I have 74% of Peace Corps Service completed. This means that I have 213 days left. That number seems laughably small. I remember remarking to someone, “Dude, we’ve got less than 600 days now.” Time can fly.

2 responses to “7 months to go

  1. Yeah…that’s how I am starting to feel about life. I have about one more 20 year chunk of time left and all this stuff I want to do while I still have some gas in the tank. Tempis fugit.

  2. well that puts things in perspective for me. i guess if i don’t get some things done here it certainly won’t be my last chance to do them.

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