Azerbaijan in Links

Here’s Ujar’s 4 newest residents. I’ve never heard of quadruplets in ‘Baijan before. Ujar is on the map.

There’s also some interesting poll numbers from Gallup:

…only 21% Azerbaijanis responded positively to the question “Is religion take an important place in your life?”

The highest number of atheists live in Estonia. It is followed by Sweden (17%), Denmark (18), Norway (20), Czechia [Czech Republic?] and Azerbaijan (21), Hong Kong (22), Japan and France (25), The 10th and 11th places go to Mongolia and Belarus.

If you were to ask what Estona, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong all have in common, I probably wouldn’t have said a high rate of atheism. Then again, the question, “Is religion take an important place in your life?” doesn’t necessarily mean atheism. For me, it’s more indicative of a passive attitude towards religion. I have definitely sensed that over the time I’ve been here. I’d say it’s the result of the Soviet Union, but I don’t want to speculate too much.

Even though I haven’t seen any around here, apparently tourism in Azerbaijan is up as a whole.

The number of tourists to Azerbaijan in 2008 increased by 39 percent and reached 1.5 million peoples.

Tourists are mainly coming to Azerbaijan from CIS countries- from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia, from Asian countries – Iran, Jordan and Bahrain, from Europe – Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland and other countries. Roughly 364 tourists visited Azerbaijan from Columbia in 2008…

2009 will probably show an increase in tourism as well, seeing as Baku has been named the Islamic Cultural Capital of 2009. I’m not exactly sure what being the cultural capital means, but it seems like as good as an excuse as any to have some festivals and cultural events. Kind of ironic compared to the links above about atheism though.

2 responses to “Azerbaijan in Links

  1. I remember an interesting conversation with a “tourist” from Iran – who loved coming to Baku – to hang out in the discos.

  2. That’s like getting a super-sized diet coke.

    “Tourists” makes me think of the Chinese that are all over the regions. They walk around and sell stuff like cheap watches and nose trimmers. Crap from China basically. A lot of Azerbaijanis don’t seem to know that they are working. I’ve had several remark to me, “Oh, there’s another tourist.” not quite.

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