T minus 5

Five months left in the Peace Corps.  Time keeps on tickin’.

The past month has been really odd compared to other months I’ve spent in the Peace Corps, because, like I mentioned, I took some vacation days in Tbilisi and my mom came and visited from America.  At this point, I don’t see myself leaving the country again until I finish up service, and I doubt anyone else is gonna shell out the dough to come and visit me.

Even though it’s crazy to think that I’ve only got 5 months left, what might be a bigger milestone is that I’ve only got about six weeks left of school.  As a TEFL volunteer, my work revolves around my school and once school is finished, there isn’t a lot to do.  I’m trying to set up a few activities for the summer months, but the hours-per-week that I’ll be spending on them is going to be pretty low.

With that in mind I just want to spend some quality time with my people at school, and go out with some good memories.


One response to “T minus 5

  1. i miss you

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