54-28 was the number

The Portland Trail Blazers just crushed the Denver Nuggets to close out an amazing NBA season.  The Blazers ended up with 54 wins, which is above pretty much everybody’s expectations.  A lot of people thought the blazers would be in the mix to fight for a playoff spot.  Instead, we swooped in and got home court advantage.  We’ll play the rockets in the first round.

I’ve been following the Blazers religiously this season.  I think I can speak for all sports-loving PC volunteers by saying that it’s hard to be away from home and follow what’s going on back home.  Over the past two NBA seasons I’ve seen one half of one Blazers game.  Luckily, I’ve got dial up internet at my house, so I’ve been able to read game recaps and boxscores pretty easily.  I’ve got to give it up to my most often-checked website, Blazersedge.

With all that, I’ve never had as much fun following a season of NBA basketball that I have had this year.  NBA ratings are consistently low, which is unfortunate because there is some great ball being played right now.  Thanks, Blazers, for the great basketball.


2 responses to “54-28 was the number

  1. Don’t read about the first playoff game, so depressing.

    • too late. i was really shocked we got crushed like that. at least we’re in the playoffs. we got killed in the first game of the season like that too. it’s a wake up call.

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