Worthwhile Reading

Finding blogs about Azerbaijan has been tough.  Aside from Peace Corps blogs, which tend to read more like diaries than anything connected to the rest of the web, there aren’t a lot of people blogging about the Land of Fire in English.  I’ve managed to find a couple of them, though, and I’d like to share some links.

Scary Azeri is an interesting blog written by an Azeri woman who now lives in England.  Reading about some of the culture shock she’s gone through is very familiar to me because it’s almost the exact opposite of what I’ve gone through over the past year.  I first came across her blog because of our mutal connection with an old friend, which she wrote about in this post.

Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines takes he cake for longest URL, but it’s an interesting read on current affairs with a local perspective.  The blogs author has gone international, claiming to write from “Baku-Istanbul-London, Azerbaijan.”

In Mutatione Fortitudo is another blog that I just found, written by a Bakuvian.

Thoughts on the Road makes the simple claim to be “observations of an American journalist in Azerbaijan, Russia, and the USA.”


5 responses to “Worthwhile Reading

  1. Yeah, all those blogs are good. However, from a cultural angle — although it does touch upon other issues from time to time — I also like Sheki, Azerbaijan:


    Incidentally, I’ve also done a roundup of my favorite English-language blogs which is pretty much the same list as you have. However, what they lack in quantity, I think they more than make up for in terms of quality.

    Hopefully, there will be more to join them soon enough, and when there are, no doubt you’ll be able to find them on Global Voices :


    • I knew I was missing one. You’re on point about Sheki, Azerbaijan being a great blog for a cultural insight in to Azerbaijan. Thanks, Onnik.

  2. This Atilla has become an Internet phenomenon already! I see he has also paid a visit to you :))

  3. Thanks for the list of AZ blogs – fun to find out who is out there!

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