Lighter Azeri News

Ali at IN MUTATIONE FORTITUDO translated an interview with Elariz Mammadoglu, Azerbaijan’s “king of elite weddings.”

When asked about politics, Mammadoglu added:

Oh my God, I nearly forgot, add this please that France’s President is Sarkozy. I like him very much. You know why? Because he is a womanizer.

The rest is like that.  Silly.  Check it out for the picture alone.  Props to Ali for the translation.

update: Apparently the content of this post changed, but you can find the original contents in the comments section of Ali’s blog.

One response to “Lighter Azeri News

  1. Wow, thanks for the link. However … unaware of the link, I’ve edited the piece second time and removed most part of it, and then checked that you have already cited part of the blog, that I have removed :-))

    I’ll restore removed parts in comments section :-))

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