If you’re concerned

I heard about the ‘pandemic’ of swine flu in the U.S.  I hope those in charge are taking it seriously, but it seems like the panic mode that network news agencies are inclined to go in to is a little much at this point.

Over here, Azerbaijan is safe and sound because pork and pork products are hard to find in this Muslim country.  This place is pretty secular though, so a lot of people I’ve talked to say that they’d eat pork if it was available, but it’s usually either too expensive or not available.

I’m on a mission to find some of the ever-elusive pork in the regions of Azerbaijan in the next month.  Stay tuned.


One response to “If you’re concerned

  1. Geez, Jeff – I just can’t believe you’ll be done there so soon. It must be daunting to think of coming back to the current mess – at least you don’t have to come home to more of Geo B. Something will get figured out, though, I’m sure. BTW, eating pork has nothing to do with the flu – it’s all respiratory.

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