3 Months

After a loooong weekend in Baku, I’ve returned to the heat of Ujar.  Should be around 95 today and it’s going to be like that all summer.

I’ve got three months left in Azerbaijan, and actually, a bit less than that.  Our Country Director has given volunteers who are finishing their service, the option of going home anywhere from the 2nd to the 11th of the September.  Considering that ABLE Camp is my big project this summer and that’ll be over in early August, I’ll be aiming to get out of here sooner rather than later.

I’m excited about my last three months here.  I’d like to check out some of the farthest corners of this place and leave feeling like I really know it.

I’ll update my post-PC plans as any news comes up.

3 responses to “3 Months

  1. so what will happen to your blog?

    • northwestjeff

      Good question. I’m almost sure I’ll stop blogging about Azerbaijan, as my unique position to talk about this place will go away. I might blog about what it’s like to go back home after two years of being in the Peace Corps, but knowing me I’ll slowly just fade out after a while.

      As a Peace Corps Volunteer, we are not allowed to discuss politics. It’s funny that once I’ll finally be able to say some of the things that I want to say here, my relevance as a blogger about Azerbaijan will be over. I will, however, continue to read your blog, Flying Carpets, Fighting Windmills, Ali’s blog, and any other blogs that pop up along the way.

  2. well, if you are storing up something cool to say when you are allowed to say it, then why not continue for a while? Just see what happens, I guess. 🙂

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