Election in Iran

I’m not sure how much press this is getting in the U.S. but the Iranian presidential election is today (Friday the 12th). Considering my proximity to Iran I’m excited about the election there. Not because there’s a big Iranian influence here, but because Iran doesn’t seem that abstract to me anymore.

I’d also say that there are a lot of parallels between this election and the one the U.S. had last November. Are we ready to show the world that we are really a reasonable people who want to be part of the world, or will we continue to make the same decisions? The similarities are pretty amazing considering how much our governments want to tell us that it’s different.


2 responses to “Election in Iran

  1. I was hoping some AZ PCVs would comment on the election. It is getting press in the States, at least on NPR and the NY Times.

  2. From here it looks like the election was rigged. wish we got al jazeera here.

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