Coming back to say goodbye

I just got back home yesterday after a whirlwind schedule of ABLE Camp and some errands I had to run in Baku.  First of all, ABLE Camp was great.  I’ll post pictures once I get a decent internet connection.  Hanging out with some great kids and getting to know some of my fellow PCVs better was a great way to close out service.

Now that I’m back, though, my main mission is to leave again.  I spent the day meeting with my boys that I brought to ABLE Camp, figuring out a plan on how they can continue their project after I leave.  In the afternoon, I walked around to a few of the places I’ve spent some time over the past two years, letting people know that I’m leaving and I might now see them again.

Leaving America is one thing; I always new I’d return.  But when people here ask if I’m coming back, I’d like to say that I might, but the reality is that I’ll never see these people again.  A lot of people say “You’re leaving.  It’s very bad.” To which I always say “But it’s good for me and at least I got to spend two years here, which is better than none.”  They get it, but saying goodbye is never fun.  Still, I don’t want to leave this place with any regrets, so I’m making sure to leave the right way.

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