Live from Bulgaria

I’m in Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of Bulgaria.  It’s a pretty great little mountain town in the middle of the country.  For those familiar with Azerbaijan, think of Sheki on steroids.

Bulgaria has actually been a pretty great surprise for me, as I had pretty low expectations.  I was going to head to the beach, but after I read the rainy weather report in Istanbul, I did a last second itinerary change and made my way to Sofia, where I caught up with a friend that I went to school with at Yonsei in Korea.  It was great to not only catch up, but get to learn about Bulgaria from the local perspective.

So as I’m chillin’ at Hostel Mostel before I head to Romania, I thought I’d post some more pictures that I took from Istanbul.  Check the photos here.  Of course, here’s a preview:

One response to “Live from Bulgaria

  1. Okay Jeff: where are you??? We’re so hoping to see you soon – especially Grammy & Grampy. Check in! Love,

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