This blog is the personal work of Jeff Bailey. Opinions and veiws expressed here are not that of the U.S. Peace Corps, or the United States Government.




5 responses to “About

  1. JTW to NWJ! Good to hear you are alive and well and adjusting. I will drink a beer for you tomorrow fa sho. 633 sends their love!

  2. So….finally catching up with your blog and your new chapter. Sounds pretty darned interesting, if you ignore some of the realities.

    Looking forward to more, dude!

    Unca B

  3. hey, whats up man? im from Ujar, u know the village of Qarabork? well anyway, i know how it feels like to live in Ujar. i really feel sorry for you, i had to spend 14 years of my life over there and i gotta tell ya, those years were the most miserable years of my life. Hey, i will be back to Ujar for a few days at the end of this month, so if u feel like u r bored we can hang out for a few hours. u can contact me via my email or give me a call on my cell: 050 324 3790

    God bless…

  4. Been reading your articles in The World. You sound like someone who is disappointed in your experience – and as someone who expects the people you serve to conform to your ideals. Perhaps you might read “River Town” by Peter Kessler. A Beijing correspondent for The New Yorker, he studied English literature at Princeton and Oxford before heading to China as a Peace Corps volunteer in 1996. His students, though, are the ones who taught him about the ways of Fuling — and about the complex process of understanding that takes place when one is immersed in a radically different society.

  5. You spelled “views” wrong. Miss you bud.

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